Discounts for Heavyweights on Acustica Plug-ins now from Federal Audio

Acustica Audio’s awesome plug-ins are now available through Federal Audio with an extra special discount for Heavyweight Bass members. Each month we’ll be featuring a special price on one of the Acustica range.

All through August Heavyweights can score 30% off Acustica’s amazing PINK Compressor Bundle plug’s. Get some Pink texture in your mixes for a killer price.

Just sign up and we’ll shoot you through a discount code ASAP.

Please Note:

Federal Audio Acustica discounts are for Australian and New Zealand HWB members only. If you’re outside that territory you need to contact your local Acustica distributor

To help us continue to serve up Acustica discounts, we need to hear back from users about what they purchased. Acustica’s systems are currently being updated so for the time being we need to register these enquiries. Without that feedback, Federal gets no love…

Don’t worry if PINK isn’t your bag – Federal Audio offers sweet deals on the entire Acustica range for Heavyweight members. If you have your eye on any of their gear drop us a line at and we’ll sort you out with a great price.

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