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Here’s a great little free Clipper for LIVE 10 from Heavyweight Bass Facebook Group member Robert Koster @ Fixation Studios

GMaudio Clipper band limits the signal before any clipping occurs. This is done so using a (12dB/oct) 20hz Highpass filter to remove any DC offset and ensure clipping is always happening symmetrically, and a (24dB/oct) 20khz Lowpass filter to remove any supersonic frequencies that would otherwise, very quickly turn to aliasing. Both of these filters are very transparent and can be good practice to apply to signals when mixing music in general. Then all clipping occurs at 8x oversampling, effectively raising the sample rate and reducing the possibility of aliasing, but that’s not all… The clipping itself uses a 4dB knee (starts to soft clip at -4dB and hard clips by 0dB) which is (after much experimentation) the ideal compromise for a hard clipper that seriously reduces the possibility of aliasing.

This device requires Live 10 and Max 8.1.6 or higher.

Get GMaudio Cliper 1.0 here