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People keep asking for my thoughts on the new automated Soundcloud mastering feature.
Well, I don’t have a deep view of all of these services in general. What I’ve heard from them so far is very hit and miss. You put a good mix in, and what comes out the other side is ok. Not mind-blowingly good, just ok. Put a bad mix in, and a bad mix comes out the other side. But, if these systems work for you, then all good.
Do I feel threatened by them? Heck no!
What I offer (along with the engineers who I respect and call friends on here) is a boutique service, tailored to your needs…Not a one size fits all service like these automated sites. Communication, that is the biggest difference. You won’t get a 15/20 min call from LANDR offering you feedback on your art, or in-depth chats on stuff to fix before you actually get to the mastering.
I spend a large part of my time giving feedback to clients because I want you all to succeed!!! I want your art to sound the best it can, to be at maximum potential. Yes, I make a living out of this. But I don’t just take your $$ and move on. I’d rather give you proper, honest, constructive feedback, lose a job for a day and have you go back and work on something than just take the money.
I love my job and I love listening to your art. Automated systems can’t say the same thing.
You get out what you put in in this game.
I take as much pride in what I do to your music as you do in making it.