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With a history going all the way back to the early days of the US electronic music scene, Electro and US dance music legend Scott Weiser knows a thing or two about analog synths. So we thought we would get his thoughts on the current crop of VST emulations. So here his current Top 5 “Most Analog Sounding” synth plugins.


My top 5 most analog sounding VST plugin synthesizers 2020 in this order…

#1. Pulsar Modular P900. Unquestionably, the king of sounding like a $35,000 Moog Modular system from yesteryear but unfortunately, only Mac and only AU. The fact that it’s 8 part poly so it would take $280,000 to get this sound back in the 80s is insane considering it’s only $140. Yay technology..

#2. The Legend, by Synapse audio. Mini Moog Model D in the box, nothing else even comes close in the Moog non-modular department. There are multiple 3 way blind tests circulating on the net where most producers (even old and seasoned sitting in million-dollar studios) could not tell the difference between The Legend and an actual Mini Moog.

#3. U-he Diva. CPU killer, but does a good job at emulating some of the most famous analog synths ever made. Basically a freeze track or render parts synth as it eats through CPU cycles like crazy but sounds incredible.

#4 U-he Repro. Repro-1 is a beast without question.. It emulates the gritty Sequential Circuits Pro-1 sound like no other plugin has to this point.

#5. XILS-lab XILS 4. XILS are ridiculous in their exact emulations of both synths and vocoders. If I want to sound like a Cylon Centurion’ from the original 1970s Battle Star Galactica TV series, XILS are the way to go. They also have the most faithful EMS Synthi AKS emulation I’ve ever heard.