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Pulsar Audio’s take on the classic Urei 1176 compressor is currently FREE over at Plugin Boutique.

How does it sound?

Smasher can add thickness and grit to any drum or bass track, or completely crush a bus, producing an aggressive sound that’s impossible to achieve with other plugins.

  • On a drum buss: Smasher imbues drum mixes with the typical sound of the 1176’s all-buttons-in mode. You get that signature delayed transient squashing and an explosive sound which instantly propels your drums to the front of the mix.
  • On a snare drum: Add body and sustain to bring out a snare’s tone. Try thickening your snare drum by reaching between -6 and -10dB of gain reduction, then mix a few percent of the resulting huge snare drum sound back into your original dry sound.
  • On a bass: Since bass often requires a combination of compression and saturation, Smasher is the ideal tool to get it dirty, letting you control precisely how much grit to add. Use the Mix knob to add just a small amount of fuzzy saturation.
  • On lead vocals: Please don’t try this at home.

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