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Having a stable audio computer is essential for all aspects of audio work, so doing some fine tuning of the OS is a great way to help with system stability. But where do you start? Well, this free to download PDF from Cantabile Software has everything you need to know about fine tuning your Windows system for reliable real-time audio performance.

Topics Covered

  • An introduction to digital audio and an explanation of exactly what causes audio glitches.
  • An overview of how the hardware, the operating system and your audio software work together to make real-time audio possible.
  • Detailed descriptions of the many system settings you should check, how to set them and why.
  • Other programs and services that you should watch out for and possibly disable.
  • How to configure your audio software, including selecting a sample rate and buffer size, multi-core settings and more.
  • A detailed explanation of ISR & DPC latency issues, page faults and memory related issues.
  • How to use various diagnostic tools to test for and isolate problems.
  • Covers Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.


Download your copy here

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