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Before finishing your mix and rendering out… stop yourself for a minute and have a look over each channel/instrument in your arrangement for any missed fades or stray automation curves. Solo each channel and have a quick play through. Is everything sounding right? Are there any plugins with “high resolution” or over sampling options that should be turned on for rendering? This is especially important on big projects that have spanned countless days in the studio, you’d be surprised what you might have forgotten to engage/disengage elements on a channel. Once your final WAV is done rendering, have a look at it in a waveform editor and see how it looks. Does it look nice and tidy? Notice any glitches or peaks/overs that might have occurred during rendering while you play through it? The last thing you want to do is turn in your tune without fully proofing it!

Colin C is a musician/producer who’s work has been featured on HBO, Showtime, FOX, NBC, Lionsgate Films & more. He also runs The Cell Studio and develops Logic Pro production packs & sound design content for

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