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Here’s three cool little FREE Ableton live packs for you to download. Don’t know much about these guys at all, but a few of the Heavyweight Bass Facebook group members downloaded them and reports have been positive!


All you have to do is the usual – enter your email. You can also donate if you wish. That’s about it, I’ll leave it up to you


The Free packs are:

  • Tonewheel Organ for Ableton Live – a multi-sampled vintage organ for Ableton Sampler v1.5. The instrument has a very warm sound that can easily be enhanced by a chorus and a reverb.
  • DarkPads for Ableton Live –  a collection of 6 Ableton Sampler instruments for dark ambient music.
  • Korean Gayageum Instrument for Ableton Live – The Gayageum is probably the best known Korean traditional instrument. Its sound is similar to the Japanese Koto and the Chinese Guzheng.