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So what is a MIDI effect? MIDI effects gather  MIDI data from your DAW and return the MIDI data transformed. Unlike standard audio effects, MIDI effects are placed before a synthesizer, software or hardware. You can then use them to easily convert a handful of chords into a new and fresh melody.

NORA, by SQUAREHEADS is a great little MIDI effect that has been getting a lot of love from members in the Heavyweight Bass Facebook Producer group this week. It expands on the idea of standard arpeggiators in your DAW, and moves into the world of composition itself! Add it at before your bass synth melody line and you can create instant magic. A lot of you will not consider this an essential tool, but with it’s potential creative appeal, backed up with little CPU load and only costing 49 euros , it’s a no brainer for us. It makes some cool shizz, that’s for sure…



  • 8 tracks, 8 independent arpeggiators and 64 patterns per track
  • Real-time quantizer with user-defined patterns
  • Hundreds of presets
  • Complete real-time edition
  • Simple and fast workflow
  • 2 random phrase generators & 2 mutators
  • Very low cpu usage
  • Highly customizable interface with over 400 parameters