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With an Australian tour starting next month, we caught up with Ram Records Hamilton to find out his current top 3 plugins!



I just love this synth! I bought it the day it came out and have not looked back. It’s a very easy and fun synth to use out of the box, but it really comes into its own when you make your own patches and especially bring in your own wave tables. The possibilities are endless and it’s very easy to make some seriously cool sounds! 



Guitar Rig

Not the newest plugin on the block as its been around forever, but I like to use Guitar Rig to process sounds. I know this isn’t the intention of the plugin but I find it works extremely well on most synth and bass sounds, by adding some grit and personality. I never use presets but add the modules within Guitar Rig individually depending on the sound and the effect I want to achieve.  



This isn’t a plugin but a new DAW I’ve been using since it came out. The reason I’ve included it in this list is because of the massive transformation it’s made to my work flow. This program cuts out all the long winded aspects of making music taking only fractions of the time to do things that would take a while with other DAWs. It’s also put the fun back into making music for me and I’m enjoying writing music again without feeling like a computer programmer. Bitwig integrates all your existing plugins in a new way which opens up endless possibilities too. I strongly advise any producer to take a look at this app and don’t be scared of trying something new. 


Hamilton Australian Tour dates

Thursday 12th November: Grumpy’s, Melbourne
Friday 13th November: HQ Complex, Adelaide
Saturday 14th November: Villa Nightclub, Perth
Wednesday 18th November: Cassette Nine, Auckland
Thursday 19th November: Dux Live, Christchurch
Friday 20th November: Chinese Laundry, Sydney

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