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If you love wonky house, then you will know the name Wongo! The wobbly bass master is one of our favourite producers, and we were were lucky to catch up with him to find out his current Top 3 Plugins…


UAD Studer A800

My go to tape/compressor when needing to fatten sounds up, compress bass lines, parallel compress my drums, add some character to my records. pretty much this sounds amazing on everything, even adds cool resonance to white noise.


NI Monark

The best synth I use, simple moog vibe synth, with 4 really dope filter types, 6 waveforms so you don’t get too lost in too many options. great envelope, great for leads, but most importantly BASS!! The detuning when mixing too waveforms is super analog and adds something a bit more real to your patch.


Waves H-Delay

I don’t know why this isn’t known as the worlds most versatile plug. I use this for much more than a delay. I use it to colour my basslines, I use it for its analog noise, I use it for the haas effect, I use it for sound fx, I sometimes will go absolutely nuts with the automation and then bounce out the pitch bends it creates, then cut it up and use them as synths and fills. Great for slap fx on vox. for me it would be very hard to find a plug I love more!!!

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