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Cyberfunk Recordings head honcho, DJ Quest just dropped his new EP ‘Different Strokes’, so we had a quick chat to hear about his current three favourite plugins.


Waves Cobalt Saphire


This is only a recent addition to my studio since it came out a couple of weeks ago but boy does it easily reach the Top 3 already! To quote the waves website for this item “it is an advanced harmonics shaping tool that lets you add rich harmonics to your tracks in order to give them analog musicality, depth and “glue.”  At the risk of sounding lazy, that is EXACTLY what this plugin does.  I always like to have a drum bus, bass bus, percussion bus, instruments bus etc and since putting the cobalt sapphire on each bus, i have really noticed how “glued” things are sounding.  Especially when making drums and using different breaks, compression and distortion used to be the main way of trying to make all the different breaks sound like “one” but since using this as well, it really has added something that if you buy it, you will see!!  Im never a fan of adding anything on the master bus as i leave that for the mastering engineers but even putting a light addition of this plugin can work wonders on the final mix.


Waves Aural Exciter


Some people might start accusing me of working for waves at this rate but quite honestly, I love their stuff!!  The aural exciter kind of does what it says on the tin.. In this day and age of us distorting everything we get our hands on or putting phasers or chorus on basses etc, one problem in doing this and general sound processing is the loss of nice crystal top end frequencies… Well… I like to use this on bass busses, even beat busses and it really brightens things up. It even gives the subtle impression of a louder mix overall as well..


Steinberg Quadrafuzz


Being exclusive to only cubase / nuendo users and seeming as the whole world and their dog uses logic, this might be a pointless plugin but being the rebel Cubase user that i am, I LOVE IT!  Being fundamentally a distortion plugin, it has individual frequency band settings and within each band, you can alter the stereo width, the gain and much much more.. Its great for bass and even though its described as a distortion plugin, i think its more of “beef up the bass” plugin.. The distortion is very subtle and instead really makes bass especially sound just nice and fat, exactly the way i like it!!!


‘Different Strokes EP’ is out now:

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