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After their number one hit on Beatport with ‘I Got A Fever / Follow Me’ we caught up with Technique Recordings very own Document One to find out their current top 3 plugins.





Xfer – Serum 

Serum is a fairly recent addition to our tool set, but it hasn’t taken long to feel like we couldn’t go without it. We Love the GUI, it’s really clear and straightforward to use; at a glance you can see pretty much everything you need to know about the sound you’re working with. The oscillators sound super clean and it comes with loads of awesome wavetables, that’s before you’ve even thought about importing more or creating your own. The amount of filter types is amazing too and the filter section has a nice graphical representation of the curve and its movement so you have a good idea of what is going on at all times, with serum we’re finding that we don’t have to do a lot of processing outside of the synth itself. We especially love the modulation matrix, it’s awesome to be able to see all the modulation going on across the whole synth on one page and play around with things from there. There doesn’t seem to be anything this synth doesn’t do.

Native Instruments – Massive

Its the go to synth for so many producers which is testament to what Native instruments have produced with this plugin. We’ve been using it for years so we probably know it better than we know any other vst. The drag and drop nature of this synth makes it really quick to get good results. It has a vast choice of LFO types and we especially like the performer because you can get really creative with the different curves on offer. Like Serum this synth comes with a lot of great wavetables straight out of the box, and massive is generous in the oscillator department giving you three oscillators plus a noise generator for white noise etc and another oscillator called “modulation osc” which is for ring modulation and frequency modulation, which is great for giving your patches a metallic tone. The Macros are really handy for effecting multiple parameters with one control, we midi map these a lot which makes the synth really fun to play around and experiment with.

Fabfilter – Fab Pro L 

There really isn’t much to say about this VST other than it is brilliant! It’s probably the most transparent limiter we have used and it’s surprisingly easy on CPU too. The scrolling waveforms offer a really easy way to see how you’re affecting the audio, with input and output level as well as gain reduction all displayed at once. We love the simplicity of this plugin!


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