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Remixes for Claude Vonstroke, The Presets, Rufus and Yolanda Be Cool. Original releases on Dim Mak, Motirik and the seminal Dance ManiaCollaborations with Daniel Merriwether, DJ Funk, Anna Lunoe and Beni. Who am I talking about? Sydney’s Wordlife that’s who!!







And here’s Adam Bozzetto from the in demand duo with their current Top 3 plugins. Take It away Adam…


FabFilter Pro Q

The is the main EQ that  i use on everything. It does everything an EQ needs to to help me get the results I am after. The display is super clear and so is the analyser. I also really like how you can treat middle and outside frequencies, really good when you want to make space for vocals and kick drums for example. If I am looking for a clean, easy to use accurate EQ I always go to this 


Voxengo SPAN

It’s free, and its amazing. By far the best spectrum analyser I have ever used. I have it always on display, even when I am just writing. It’s is very detailed and very accurate. It makes it very easy to see what frequencies might be a problem and where problems might be in your mix. I also use it to check where all the harmonics in individual parts are coming through and even for balancing volume.


Izotope Nectar

I always use this on every vocal. It has great presets as starting points but sometimes I just start from scratch. IT has everything you need to process vocals, EQ, De Esser, Compressor, Saturation, Harmony etc etc. My favourite is its reverb tho. I use it on all vocals straight on the track as an insert. Sometime I use other EQ’s, compressors etc but I always use its reverb on vocals. Another neat trick is it can do parallel compression without any tricky aux tracks that need to be set up.


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