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Pensadia SOR8 is described as a plugin emulation of the Empirical Labs classic compressor, The Distressor. It’s availlable as a Free Version (Settings & Presets reset to default on session load) and a Donation Version ($1+ donation required for Full Version with Black Knobs, $10 donation required for Full Version Black & White Knobs. Includes Opto Mode). 

From my personal tests this over the weekend it may not sound like a “real” Distressor, but this plugin rules. It really makes drums knock hard and has a great gritty sound to it. Well worth a $1 donation!!


  • Classic Compressor plugin with its own unique sound

  • Based on acclaimed 8X Compressor.
  • Gain Reduction meter.
  • Input control (Relative threshold).
  • Threshold Controlled Circuitry(-30 to -50 dB).
  • Ratio switch (1, 2, 4, 8(Opto), 20 and NK).
  • Attack time control (0.05 ms to 4 secs).
  • Release time control (0.30 ms to 3 secs).
  • Distortion modes switch (Static Custom C1, Static Custom C2, Odd D1, Even D2).
  • Output control (0 to 40 dB).
  • Side-Chain Filter modes Clean(0) HP 80Hz(D), HP 80Hz Audio(A), BE 6kHz(B)
  • Oversampling – 2X,4X,8X
  • Opto(LA-2A®) Mode

Download here

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