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I’ve had iZotope’s RX4 a few months now so I thought i’d give you a breif overview of the program and my thoughts. 

I’ve not used previous versions of RX, but like other programs in the iZotope range, RX4 has a crisp, sleek look and feel. Navigating the interface was no issue and I felt right at home from the first time I loaded it up.

What You Get

So, what does RX4 do and what do you get for you money? Well, it’s a post-production tool kit for audio repair and enhancement, fixing common audio problems like noises, distortions, and inconsistent recordings by allowing you to use a number of processing modules that includes: Denoise, Declip, Dereverb, Time & Pitch and Spectral Repair.

One of the new features that I love is RX Connect. This plugin acts as a bridge between your DAW and RX4’s standalone program, allowing audio regions to be transferred directly to RX4, for analysis purposes or so you can use the audio restoration tools. It’s capabilities are stupidly good, allowing for some other-wise useless audio files to be fixed. You can get the cleanest sonic quality from audio that has not been recorded the best. It can miraculously remove a big clicky crackle from the middle of your lead vocal or other audio.

If you spend a considerable amount of time recording, editing and optimising audio, then iZotope’s RX4 will prove invaluable in your working day. 

Is it an essential studio tool? Dam staight it is. Its the only audio app that makes me think, ‘how the hell does it do that..?’ Go out and buy it now!

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