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  •  This is now your life, it will consume you. Surround yourself with music 24/7
  •  If it sounds good, leave it
  •  Don’t stress on the small stuff, focus on the fundamentals
  •  If you think your music sounds great, you’re wrong. Always room for improvement
  •  Don’t expect to be able to listen to music normally again. You’ll be picking every track you hear apart
  •  Read a lot. So many good books, online resources, web sites out there
  •  If you want to make a song that sounds like it was produced in 1996, then do it. Who cares!
  •  Focus on YOU. You’ll always compare yourself to others, no one cares.
  •  Take some time off if you’re not feeling it
  •  Putting a reverse clap every 4 bars does not make you a creative genius
  •  You don’t need to upload everything to the internet
  •  Many of your favorite producers are active on Twitter and will answer the odd question

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