Skip to main content is a platform that connects producers with vocalists. Basically producers post projects (the site calls them Gigs) looking for vocalists, and the vocalists bid on the project. Their bids are ‘bid to work for x amount’.

Once a producer has found the vocalist they want, they award them the Gig, and pay the award amount to Vocalizr’s Escrow System. They both sign contracts and continue on to the purpose built online Vocalizr Studio, which includes a chat function with audio notes, lyric section that includes historical changes, and the producers master track, alongside the vocalists latest takes. When the producer is happy with the work, they prompt the vocalist for the assets and release the funds into their Vocalizr Wallet. 

Subscription is free and the site charges fees relating to transactions and gig payment.

It’s an amazing idea, with nearly 4000 people signing up since it’s soft launch Feb last year. If you’re struggling for a vocalist or a singer looking for work, then should be your next stop!


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