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  1. Want a fatter kick drum? Try using a Stereo Pitch Shifter on an aux channel set to 10 cents down/up on each side with NO DELAY, then mix the channel in back in very subtly.

  2. Compression on a vocal will never be a substitute for automation. Automate, Automate, Automate!

  3. Try this for a massive BASS – Dial in 8db at 60Hz. Then hit it with about 10db of medium speed compression. Hi-pass filter at 30Hz and give a little dip 80hz to make room for your kick.

  4. Avoid too much top end in your drums, they will lack fullness, body and sound thin. The SOLO button is great, but careful with it…It’s more important to hear how a sound is in the mix then on it’s own! 

  5. Want a big Snare?? Send your snare to a hall reverb. Now gate the reverb really tightly, so the decay cuts off at .4ms. Then eq up the mids range, and mix the signal back in subtly with your dry snare!

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