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Continuing your production journey…

Here’s 12 More Tips to help you “Stay On Target” !

  • Go to events, festivals, and clubs, see what’s working and capture the vibe
  • Try to produce tracks as fast as possible. As a beginner, this is the quickest way to learn as you cover all bases
  • Keep your work and projects organised and name everything logically
  • Tackle one thing at a time, and make sure you understand it 100%. Music production is a very wide and diverse field and can be very confusing
  • Focus on one synth, get your head round it
  • Unless this is a hobby, you’ll need to make some sacrifices (just ask my wife)
  • Do something related to music every morning and every evening
  • Producing music doesn’t get you girls
  • Never delete your work. 
  • Making a living off music isn’t impossible, it just requires a huge amount of determination patience and old fashioned hard work!
  • Review what you’ve learned each week. Keep notes
  • RTFM – Read The F***ing Manual 

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