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Take your time – it’s a phrase we’ve all heard, but it’s particularly relevant with equalization. Your mix will thank you for it with better separation and more clarity.

A few general words of wisdom:

  • Your goal is not individual perfection, it is collective perfection in the mix – you need to understand that you can only do so much. Not every instrument can or should have a full, rich low end or a sharp attack. If every instrument is EQ’d to have the same effect, it will lose its identity in the mix. 
  • Step away from your mixyour ears get fatigued. If you are working particularly hard on one sound/instrument, your ears will be quite literally numbed to that frequency range.
  • Your memory is not what you think it isSometimes that EQ setting you’ve been working on for 15 minutes is not the right choice, so MOVE ON! Comparing a flat EQ and the curve that you’ve created allows you to see exactly what you’ve done. So be honest with yourself. 
  • Take risks and don’t be afraid – the best EQ tricks were found by the mad scientists of sound. So give it a go, no matter what it is!


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