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Here’s part 2 of Jonno Incledon’s guide to getting started with Native Instruments top notch sampler, Kontakt


While some DAWs (like Ableton) automatically sync imported audio to the master tempo, Ableton does this in addition to locking the pitch with minimal munchkinisation (It’s a weird as hell term but it’s stuck). Munchkinisation is the effect that occurs when the sample increases in frequency, and in doing so alters the pitch. To resolve this it’s possible to multisample at different octaves but that’s for another day.


In Kontakt the master tab will allow to to alter the internal tempo of Kontakt or sync it to an external source.

The Ext button will sync the tempo to the DAWs if the appropriate input is selected, it can also be slaved to another MIDI clock input like Traktor or any software with a MIDI clock output.


A metronome and tap function allows one to find the tempo of a sample, just in case. This is also where you can adjust the pitch of the session, and conveniently a reference tone can be played to ensure everything stays in key.

The wave editor window is where a sample can be cropped and trimmed, it’s also here where the sample can be synced to the tempo of the Kontakt session using the Time machine option.


Here audio can be cut down and customized, for example the iconic trap high hat rolls can be made out of a few simple copy-pastes.

Next time I’ll be covering all the various effects that Kontakt has built in.


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