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  • Collaborate with other producers, you can learn and share knowledge
  • Following the latest trends in music will not make you a superstar. Write the music you want to make
  • If you don’t know some already, get your head around basic music theory 
  • High-pass everything
  • If you don’t know how a compressor works, don’t use it!
  • Train you’re ears, they are your bread and butter. Look after them! 
  • Network…Talk to other people in the industry, most people are pretty approachable. The sunlight will do you good anyway!
  • Listen to Noisia, Adam Bayer, Eric Prydz and Dub Phizix – there production is immaculate
  • Keep on trucking – It’s going to take you at least 6 months, more like 12 before things start coming together
  • Read as much as you can, but PRACTICE is the most important
  • Ask questions, even if its dumb ass and you get shit. Everyone starts out somewhere. Google is your friend. 


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