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When I think of Australian bass music, one of the first names that comes to mind is Spenda C. Without doubt the leader of Australian Trap music, Spenda has released on some very cool labels and gains support from DJ’s such as Diplo and A-Skillz.

Ahead of the first show on his Broken tour in Singapore tonight, he’s taken time out from his mud crab to have a quick chat to us!!

Check him out on his Broken tour if you can, well worth it!!

Spenda C's Broken tour kicks of tonight in Singapore. 

Spenda C’s Broken tour kicks of tonight in Singapore. 

Gives us a quick breakdown of your current set up, software and hardware?

I’m on Ableton 9. I don’t use any hardware except a pair of KRK 6’s and headphones.


Run us through a typical day in the studio for Spenda C?

I do shit at random times of the day or night. I find the best results come quick and relatively easy….If I have a lot of time or no deadline on a tune I tend to over think and over work it. Some of my best stuff (in my opinion)has been done on headphones on a plan or on the laptop in the kitchen whilst cooking dinner.






Your all about the bass! Could you give us an idea of what you use to make your basslines and your processing to get them phat! (plugins, the way you compressor, EQ or layer parts)

I find less is definitely more when it comes to sub and bass. I have this one sub bass sample that I use for pretty much everything. It’s clean and simple so I might just chuck on a little bit of sausage fattener and sidechain to an attack kick and thats it!


You use a fair amount of editing in your tracks, is this a vital skill to keep things interesting?

It works well for what I do. i think ableton is great for that!


Is there anything you’d like to be able to do with music software that it currently won’t let you?

I’ve only just upgraded to Live 9 and I’m loving the audio to midi function. Ableton gives me pretty much everything I need. I only use the Live plug ins and effects ie. filter, eq etc.


Top 3 current favourite plugins and why?

As I said I don’t really use many pug ins. Sausage Fattener is a must. I just got Superior Drummer 2 which is a lot of fun and I have this East west orchestra plug which is pretty epic.


Any tips and tricks you wanna share?

Just keep it clean and simple and if it SOUNDS good it IS good!



What’s next for Spenda C for the rest of the year?

I just released a track called Broken with Oski & DJ Butcher and a female MC named FERAL is KINKY. It’s a love song made for the clubs. Out now on Vicious Bitch 🙂








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