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12 Tips to help you“Stay On Target” !

  • You need to know from the very outset that this ain’t easy!
  • Mac or PC, makes no difference. Both are very capable and have all the software you’ll ever need.
  • There’s no such thing as “the best DAW”. Download as many demos as you can and try them all, you’ll soon find one that works for you. You can easily switch to another DAW if you change your mind as your career develops.
  • Inspiration and influence are everything. Be adventurous, seek out as much new music as you can. Expose yourself to the different styles of music the world has to offer, even if it doesn’t rock your boat. You never know where that killer idea or sample could be lurking.
  • I know most of you new to production have one “sound” you absolutely love and it’s this favourite you want to write. But when your fresh to the art of music production, don’t restrict yourself to just one thing. Take the plunge and try your hand at other forms of electronica – your not going to upset the trainspotters, you’ve not got any fans to lose yet anyway!
  • Producing a different genre can provide enough inspiration to help you with writers block.
  • It can also help you develop and practice different studio skills and techniques.
  • And finally, it’s always “BLOODY GOOD FUN” !
  • Listen, then listen again, then listen for a third time, then listen on the way to work or at the gym and keep listening to your favourite artists work. Dissect their music in great detail, it will be worthwhile.
  • Spend at least one hour a day in the studio producing. If you don’t feel like writing, use the time constructively – check out new music, do some sound design, look for new samples and get that every expanding sound library into a solid catalog system that works for you.
  • Don’t rely on synth presets, make the effort and get your head around “sound design”. You’ll thank yourself later.
  • “Practice, PracticePractice” – It’s all about putting in the hard yards, there’s no short cuts. This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon !


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