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Most people use reverbs in stereo, but there’s a lot to be said for trying mono reverbs on certain material.

Try using mono reverbs as an insert for a mono sound source and pan them to a different location in the mix. It can give an interesting impression.


Here’s some other things to try with mono reverb:


  • Try using mono reverbs on a lead vocal or instrument when you want to keep it totally locked into the centre for emotional purposes.


  • Try using convolution spring reverbs and use them in mono. Ever used a spring reverb on a lead vocal? It can really give a great emotionally raw feel!


  • Try using mono reverb on a sound to make it feel like it was recorded with ambience with one mic.


  • Try panning a dry instrument hard left and a mono reverb version hard right (or the other way around).
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  •  You can sometimes create a lot of emotion when you have a really wide sound that resolves into a mono centre reverb.