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Make a default start up template for your sequencer, set it up with plugins, samples and soft synths that you like to use.
Set up EFX busses with reverb, delays, drum buss group and sidechain channel. This will speed up you writing process, especially with tight deadlines. I have EXS24 channels all ready set up with my kick, snare and hi hat libraries already to go.

Get your channels set up with EQ’s, compressors etc, like it was a real mixing desk.

Use colours to group up the various parts of a track, to make visual recognition quicker.

Don’t forget to save synth patches and plugins settings. You may have spent hours tweaking a sound or creating an amazing plugin setting. Saving them allows you to recall them into any track.

Finally, organise your sound library. You can do it in a manner that suits you, i.e by key, sound type, drums etc but doing it will help your work flow and keep you on top of where everything is.