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Already a firm favourite in Australia, with remixes for the likes of Pitbull and Lil Wayne and original releases such as ‘Mother Truckers‘ with Bombs Away and ‘Black Cyrus‘ with G-Wizard, its no wonder Tenzin’s name is grabbing people’s attention around the world.  


Here’s his current Top 3 plugins:


  • Sausage Fattener 

“Awesome plugin, super easy to use. Great as a compressor / limiter, or when you want to beef a something up a bit, like a lead.

Turn the left knob more and you have a some badass distortion too. The Right Knob is also great it to change up the tone / colour although i tend not to use as much and just stick using eq’s.”

Sausage Fattener available here


  • Nexus2 

“It’s my goto synth with tons of awesome sounds. It’s a fast way of writing arpeggiator patterns, save heaps of time when writing leads or basslines. The reverbs and delays that come built in are usually all you need.

Couple of other favourite parts are the spread knob for imaging/panning effect and the “spike” for a velocity increases without having go into the midi file.”

Nexus is available from reFX 

  • Effectrix 

“This plug is responsible for the majority of dance music’s quirky, stops, glides, stutters, rolls etc. It very easy to use and achieves great results fast.”

  • 32 step sequencer for activating the effects
  • 2 modulation-sequencer for parameter remote for each effect
  • 12 subpatterns, triggered via MIDI notes and host automation
  •  14 innovative effects

Effectrix by Sugar Bytes available here


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