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When you’re trying to get more clarity and presence in you mix, it’s the high-frequency content that we normally tweak to help resolve the problem. The reason for this? High-frequencies don’t travel through air very well, especially over longer distances in everyday listening environments.

To help us get over this problem, clever software designers have put their large craniums together to come up with various tools that help us trick the way our ears and brain interpret sound. This art is called psychoacoustics.

Another favourite stereo spatial tool. DUY's WIDE

Another favourite stereo spatial tool. DUY’s WIDE

“So how’s all this psychowhatsnot nonsense help me”, I hear in a collective shout. Well, adding stereo width to your mixes helps with the illusion, seemingly adding presence and clarity where it was lacking. So by paying extra attention to just high-frequency areas, with some good stereo imaging tools, you’ll be able to achieve a wider stereo field, but get away with much less high-frequency content in your mix. Less clutter, means more clarity!