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KiloHearts Disperser does something good to kicks and drum loops!

KiloHearts Disperser does something good to kicks and drum loops!

 I’m a sucker for cheap plugins, there’s some real gems out there. KiloHearts Disperser is one of those. 

KiloHearts describe it as an all-pass filter, meaning it has a completely flat frequency response and does not add any gain whatsoever to the sound you put through it. But it does effect the phase of the signal running through it. The interface is very simple, just two knobs, Amount and Punch.  

I’ve used it to great effect on drums, especially kicks and percussive loops. It adds some really serious thump, but with no added level, you don’t lose any headroom!! I know some people that have been using it on whole tracks subtly to great effect, but it does depend on the source material running through it. 

Some things the guys at Kilohearts suggested to try: 

  •  Use the Disperser on a staccato bass line with a high frequency content for a more interesting bass sound. 
  • Use it on a drum loop, either as a transient shaper (medium Amount setting), or as a way to make the drums sound louder and bigger (high Amount setting). Use it before a compressor for more even more loudness. 
  • Put it with a low amount setting on a problematic track with a high crest factor to reduce the peaks. 
  • Chain it before a distortion. Keep the Amount quite low and play around with the Frequency and Pinch to change the timbre of the distorted sound. Automate to taste for bass music. 
  • Experiment. It probably has lots of other uses that we haven’t discovered yet. 

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