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LoudMAX Brickwall Limiter, its free!

LoudMAX Brickwall Limiter, its free!


Following on from this weeks two part article on achieving Louder Mixes, today i thought i’d give you a good, simple to use Brickwall Limiter, so you can practice some of those article tips. 

LoudMAX is a Look-Ahead Brickwall Loudness Maximizer plugin. It’s got a clean, transparent sound, and is designed to keep the character and dynamics of your music intact in use. Like all the plugins I’ve been posting up, its easy to use, with just a fader for threshold and one for output. To top it all off, it gets pretty good results.


  • Supported Samplerates: 2kHz – 384kHz
  • Latency, Look-Ahead and Attack Time: 1.25ms
  • Release Time: Automatic – depending on the input signal
  • No audible distortion 
  • Possible overdrive: 740dB
  • Very low CPU usage
  • Mac and PC

Download here