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Try the following these EQ tips the next time your in the studio

  1. Practice and experiment; use your ears, not your eyes.
  2. Make things sound good in the mix, not just by themselves, people can’t solo a snare when they are listening.
  3. Cut before you boost
  4. Try to avoid dramatic cuts and boosts unless your 100% that it’s needed. 
  5. If you working on the top end of a track keep sibilance in mind. 
  6. High-pass everything at the appropriate  frequency. If something doesn’t need low end, take it out.
  7. Try using a bell curve with the peak up at around 18k. Add a 6db boost on a vocal and you can get sparkle without any harshness. 
  8. Try automating EQ during the mixing stage, especially if the track has dramatic balance shifts. 
  9. Remember to hit the bypass button every once in a while, so you know what’s going on and your adjustments are having the desired effect.
  10. Take a break every couple of hours – EQ’in is fatiguing work, rest those ears!!