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Time for another Tips From The Tip…Say hello to my good mate, Nick Galea. Brisbane based Nick has released on Diffused Music, Wasted Youth, One-Eighty Music and One Love, with his productions finding favour with the likes of Pete Tong, Chris Lake, Robbie Rivera and Roger Sanchez.


  1. Buy cheap, you buy twice – Speakers come up a lot. Honestly save & wait. Buy the best speakers you can, it really helps! Anything for that matter, equipment related. Honestly, “I’ll use it till I get better” – then what?? You buy again? ) Buy once, don’t kid yourself.
  2. Treat the room – Now in my career I bit the bullet…should have done this a long time ago ‘Properly’. You need good acoustics to go with those good speaker. Buy some good headphones if you rent & can’t afford to do this. Command hooks are a god send when setting up a studio. Hot tip, turn studio foam into picture frames and hang them on the wall. When you move, they move with you!!
  3. Less is more – Yeah i know, but honestly it is! The more you process, boost and distort etc the more you fill that sound out. I stick to 4 layers max on a lead these days, anymore and it’s phase problems (cancels the other sound out).


“I was told 3, but I’ll leave you with this…

Try to be creative, don’t carbon copy but get inspired! If you can’t mix this amazing project and get it sounding perfect, get someone else to do it!

In business lots of people ship out projects…We all have our strengths & weaknesses.”



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