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More freebies!

If your not using some form of real-time audio analyzer, you should be! Today I’ve got not one, but two free plugins from Voxengo that provide audio analysis for all your audio production applications. 

Voxengo's Span is a real-time

Voxengo’s Span is a real-time “fast Fourier transform” audio spectrum analyzer plugin. What does that mean? It’s shit hot!!

First up is Span. This plugin has several “modes” which allows you the flexibility to set up the spectrum analyzer preferences exactly how you like. Like your Fourier block size in samples? It does it. FFT window overlap percentage? It does it. Lot’s to choose from. On top of that, you can have a secondary spectrum display of a desired type (e.g real-time maximum).

It also has output level metering with RMS, adjustable ballistics and Mr Bob Katz K-System technique for level measuring. Clipping detection, headroom estimation, metering statistics, this baby has everything you need.


  • Adjustable spectrum slop
  • Very versatile – set up how you like and leave it!
  • Hold function
  • PC and Mac
  • A precise frequency reading in Hz and notes as you hover over the spectrum


Download here

The second free spectrum analyzer from Voxengo is AnSpec.

Analog-style spectrum analysis from Voxengo's AnSpec

Analog-style spectrum analysis from Voxengo’s AnSpec

This one is for the guys that like an old-school analog visualisation tool. This has simple third-octave spectrum analysis. It’s there to be a handy visual feedback tool for those that like a simple, stripped back, uncluttered screen. 

No fancy features here, just a resizable window and adjustable ballistics. This one is a firm favourite of mine, love it.


Download here